A Reverse Mobile Phone Directory Search Anecdote

I recently witnessed an interesting little tale regarding a use for a reverse mobile phone directory that had never even crossed my mind. It had to do with the estate of a friend's uncle, and involved an Estate lawyer trying to settle a final Will and Testament. It all came about because the uncle was a bit of a recluse, and never kept track of where his relatives lived, but he still wanted everyone to get a fair share of the inheritance when he died.

What happened is that this attorney used a reverse mobile phone directory search to find my friend. My wife and I were there when my friend got the news, in fact. He had invited us over for a BBQ and he had just put the ribs on the grill when his doorbell rang and his life changed forever. The courier who showed up had no idea how my friend had been located, but he later found out from the attorney how it had been done.

That is quite possibly the best anecdote I have ever heard about performing a reverse mobile phone directory search using the Internet. Where we usually think of them being used for collections and tracking down fugitives, we seldom realize how important they can be for happier things in life as well. Very few people seem to think about how this kind of directory search can be used for class or family reunions, to locate family members, and many other wonderful tasks.

Source by Chris Redstone

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