How to Get My Ex Back When They Dumped Me – 6 Ways to Reverse the Breakup Real Fast

Getting dumped is one of the worst feelings in the world up there with breaking an arm, getting in a car accident, and hearing that you have flunked an exam. This is probably because when you get dumped your heart gets broken, you look like a train wreck, and you have failed at a relationship metaphorically speaking.

However, there is good news because there are six ways that you can get your ex back even if they dumped you. So pick yourself off the floor, dust off your ego, and read up if you want to get back with your ex in seconds flat.

Take a look in the mirror

After all the metaphorical disadvantages you have suffered from being dumped you are likely not looking your most attractive. If you want to get your ex back you need to make them fall in love with you again, and the easiest way to get their attention is by looking good. Head to the store and purchase a few clothes, not only will you feel better, but you will look more appealing to your ex which is the main idea.

Give them space

They wanted space and time apart which is why you got dumped. So give it to them! After a little time apart they will start to see how large a role you played in their life, which makes your reemergence in their life more powerful.

Stay friendly with the family

If your ex's family liked you, then you have pocket Aces in your favor. While you can not talk to your ex without appearing needy, their family will continue to champion your cause asking your ex whatever happened to that sweet girl who …

Staying on good terms with the family assures you will be the topic de jour quite often which works in your favor if you want your ex back.

Avoid drunken messages

When you are down about a breakup you are very likely to get emotional when drunk, because the urge to drunk dial or text your ex explaining why you should be back together. Desperate, drunk, and co-dependency are very unattractive relationship qualities, so do yourself a favor and keep these hidden from your ex no matter how tempting the idea may seem.

Flirt a bit

You do not have to rush out and pick up the first guy you see, but some flirting will make you look more appealing to your ex as it signifies that you are not going to wait around for them to change their mind. With a little competition your ex may realize just how much they still care about you and come racing back!


At this point, if your ex is going to come back all you can do is wait unfortunately. However, if you have played your cards right and followed the above tips, your wait should not be too long! Even better, this way you will have the upper hand as they will be the one to make the first move!

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