Pre -ital Sex: Taboo or Overrated?

In a world that has become more complicated, dating has never been simpler. The dating sites and social networks made this happen. These sites allow individuals to find persons for whatever reasons – whether it is for marriage or casual relationships or to find a sexual partner.

More often than not, these hook-ups involve pre-marital sex. This kind of sex simply means sexual relations between two unmarried people. In some cultures and religions, pre-marital sex is considered taboo and immoral. However, even in these instances, single people still engage because they want to fulfill their most primal desires. In the case of young people or teenagers, they indulge in sexual relations because of curiosity and the need for peer approval. In the olden times, it was considered a stigma but in modern times, losing virginity has become a symbol of status especially for some peer groups.

It is a matter of an individual's values ​​and principles or simply preference to indulge in pre-marriage sex. Even for people in conservative cultures, the incidence of premarital sex is on the rise. Thus, the elders in such remote countries think it is always advisable to settle their children at a very young age and without their consultation.

Of course, at this age while going for casual sex, one has to take certain precautions to prevent unwanted consequences such as sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Young people, especially in economically underprivileged communities often do not have access to such education and do not have the means to procure contraceptives. Teenagers fall prey to such dating sites that divorcing their minds away from their studies and goals and getting attracted towards such things.

Young people who would like to get married also get engaged in sex simply to determine compatibility in bed before marrying their partner. Sex plays a big factor in the success of a marriage. Knowing that you are sexually compatible with your future partner could only strengthen your desire to marry him or her.

Sex before marriage or in casual relationships can be overrated sometimes. A married couple has certain advantages in their personal lives. Assuming there is monogamy in the marriage, a husband and wife do not have to worry about contracting STDs and they can plan pregnancies after planning. Sex can be a hundred times more satisfying and enjoyable if it is between two people who truly love each other and so it strengthens the bond of marriage too.

Source by Jasmine K Mehndiratta

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